Sustainable Lunacy is about rethinking your way to a wildly better life.

The Manifesto:

Sustainable Lunacy is about the art of living differently: challenging everything you've been told about what "works" in a lifestyle.

That covers a heaping pile of topics:

  • traveling (intelligently) everywhere
  • expressing your creative self as naturally as you breathe
  • finding the means to support your unique way of life
  • loving without limits
  • getting to your healthiest version through not a single one of the usual methods

The "sustainable" part is the best part.

It means that once you go crazy, you never have to go back.


About the Author

Hi. I’m Annette O’Neil. 

I’m a digital nomad, and I run my company — Clever Ginger Creative — from happy little perches all around the world.

I’m an athlete. (I skydive, BASE jump, paraglide, speed fly, wingsuit, motorcycle, climb rocks, practice yoga and fly in the wind tunnel, among various other pursits). 

I’m a writer, an addicted Instagrammer and a big ol’ flirt. I love fresh figs, updating my Goodreads, mountain air and troublemaking.


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