Adventure-Ready Accounting

New digital nomads, rejoice! You just found your ticket to cash-flow nirvana.

This may not be your book. If it is, you need it.

So listen up.

This is not a book about how to ideate, choose or start a location-independent business. A great many excellent posts and books and articles have been written on just that subject; so many, in fact, that it is highly unlikely you’ve found this book without their excellent help.

This is a book for someone who already has a LIP/digital nomad business -- launched or not-quite-launched -- who’s looking ahead towards the details of actually running that business from overseas. The aforementioned works, while inspiring, don’t thoroughly address the means to run an online business in its day-to-day expressions: handling the invoicing, remittances, payments and documents that are the lifesblood of your company. Without a dialed-in system in place, it’s easy to flail in those tender first years (and look really, really unprofessional while you’re at it).

This book is meant to fill in that gap by describing the system I’ve used to run my own business, both overseas and domestically (in the U.S.), for several years. I hit big speedbumps in the process. You don’t have to.

Get started now.

It’s important to have your settings dialed in and be very familiar with how the systems work together before you’re in hardcore nomad mode, hunting for WiFi and working hard to keep the rest of your business on track.


Note: This book is for American citizens, as that is my experience and expertise.

Here's what's inside:

  • Invoicing
  • Taking Payments
  • Nomad-Friendly Banks
  • Online Payment Gateways
  • Sending Payments
  • Getting Physical Mail
  • Keeping Tax Records & Archiving Documents
  • Helpful Apps 

Take your accounting on an adventure.