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— November 26, 2018

Goodbye (And Why)

I'm not going to be writing here anymore. <3

— October 3, 2018

How To Have A *Real* Yoga Practice At That *Really* Purple Gym

— August 7, 2018

How to Keep it Together (With Style, No Less)

As time conveyor-belts us forward and space confuses the issue, most of us need to set concrete reminders to keep steady. This will help you see some of the loose ends before you trip over 'em.

— May 16, 2018

Renting a Car in Europe? There's a Better Way.

As it turns out, flying into France and working with a leasing agency is the highest-value method of getting it done.

— April 3, 2018

F@(% the Food Industrial Complex

How one little volunteer team is fighting Big Food (and how I'm joining in)

— March 19, 2018

Leaving Post-Its On the Walls In Your Head

The Power of Implementation Intentions--And How to Use Them

— March 7, 2018

The Surprise Un-Hotel (And A Word on the Benefit of Expectations)

“AirBNB vs. Hotel” is a fool’s game, and all travelers are losing.

— December 7, 2017

Smarter Sleep Hacking for Travel Junkies

Go gentle into that good night.

— November 30, 2017

How to Hack Your Vegetables

Salad is a science project.

— October 10, 2017

7 Places to Look for a Place to Live (And 3 Places Not To)

Picked a city to kick off your digital nomad career? You'll need digs. Here are 7 great places to look.

— July 25, 2017

The 17 Items You Need in Your Outdoor-Adventure First-Aid Kit

— May 17, 2017

5 Places to Get Inspired *Right Now*

Need a bump of inspiration? Here are five great places to look.