5 Ways to Make a Home on the Road (And Do It Quick-like)

Posted by   Annette on    June 8, 2014


Home doesn't happen. It's something you create.

If you're a location-independent type, you have a definition of home that changes every couple of months -- and that can wear you down, if you don't respect that your body, mind and heart need to feel that the place you're living is home.

Finding a place that fits counts for a lot, here, but it ain't everything. Here are my favorite tricks for making home-for-now into really feel like it. Fast.

1. Get a perfect pillow.

Go out and buy a high-quality pillow. Budget-friendly digs usually have neck-kinker specials, so it's hardly an indulgence to make sure you have a pillow that gets you to dreamland smoothly.  

I also carry a satin pillowcase (that my lingerie lives in during suitcase-time). Love it love it love it.

2. Make sure you have at least two good knives.

You're not going to have 'em in your luggage, so get to a store. Get a paring knife and a chef's knife (or get the ones in your home-for-now's kitchen freshly sharpened). Cooking with shitty knives sucks, and it'll make you dread the task, so do it within the first couple of days you're in town.

3. Get rooted.

Pick up a pot right away and start to grow something. Herbs, flowers, a bonsai…anything. The planting will inject a little beauty, deliver a pearl of ownership and remind you of the time you have spent in the space. If you have a balcony, awesome -- but a sunny windowsill will do nicely. 

If you don't have a sunny enough space to grow a single plant, that's a good reason to find another place. Stat. 

4. Put one signature smile-maker in plain view.

Take out one single item you carry with you that reliably makes you smile. Give it pride-of-place in a spot you look at several times a day. It doesn't have to be obvious, like a framed photo -- it can be anything. A piece of jewelry, a crinkled-and-ironed-out hand drawing, a band t-shirt…just make sure it reminds you of your core desired feelings in this life.

5. Play Cinderella.

Clear your schedule for the day you arrive. Sure, you have a lot of other things to do, but don't procrastinate: scrub your space. Take off the layer of dust, air out the linens, get the dust-bunnies out from under the bed, and put a shine on the desk where you're going to be spending a hefty chunk of your time. It'll take a couple of hours, but spending your first night in a white-glove-treatment-ready room delivers an immediate settled-in feeling.

6. If something needs fixing, don't wait.

Even if the place is pretty much sparkling when you arrive, a close-up look will help you notice details that will allow you to sort out issues early in your stay: a window that won't shut, a drippy faucet, etc. The sooner you can point these out to the owner, the more you can enjoy your short(ish) time in the space.