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— August 24, 2016

Pimp My Layover

Everybody fusses over the nonstop flight, but y’know what? Layovers are not necessarily the manifestation of unholy darkness.

— June 14, 2016

IKEA Hacking Yourself a Free Coworking Space

Want a free co-working space with bottomless coffee? Thanks be to Sweden, it's here for you.

— March 25, 2016

How Zombie Dragons Will Make You Better

Habitica is going to give you a +6 against lazy.

— September 11, 2015

How to Bring an RV to Burning Man Without Getting Burned

Bringing an RV to Burning Man is not a plug-and-play affair. Here are a few tips, tricks and hacks to drive into the dust and emerge unscarred on the other side.

— September 11, 2015

6 (Truly Awesome) Burning Man Packing List Hacks

— September 11, 2015

Healthy Food For Burning Man? Totally. Here's How to Do It.

Healthy eating in the alternate-universe atmosphere of Black Rock City presents -- shall we say -- unique challenges. Here's what food to pack for Burning Man to fuel your journey into the dust.

— June 27, 2015

The Rainbow We're Standing Under

On love and bravery.

— March 23, 2015

The Real Reason You Need A Travel Buddy

Great travel buddies don't just share the cost of gas and a hotel room. They have a much more vital job.

— December 1, 2014

4 Ways to Improve Your Life Today (Without Spending a Dime)

Mara Schmid wants to share four strategies to will turn your life in a better direction -- with no monthly automatic draft.

— October 30, 2014

Love Across the Risk Continuum

If you love an airsports athlete, risk asymmetry is a big emmereffing issue. Here's how to deal.

— July 14, 2014

Lucky You

Quit hiding behind that snark. We can see you, clear as day.

— June 30, 2014

3 Places to Look Deeper (There's So Much More to Know)

Everything you think you know is wrong, but you can love expanding past the wrongness. Here are three great places to start. (Prepare to be very surprised.)