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— July 11, 2013

The 7-Item Reading List For Would-Be Nomads

Ready to escape? Here's a seven-item reading list that will kick you in the right direction. Hard.

— July 10, 2013

How to Work Remote Without Being An Asshole

When you're working in a public environment, it doesn't matter how nice you are. You can ruin easily someone else's workday by arriving unprepared (and/or unthoughtful), and that would make you -- you guessed it -- a de facto asshole.

— July 5, 2013

How to Handcraft Your Perfect Day

It's possible to get a lot done--and keep everything on track--if you start off mindfully.

— July 3, 2013

I Do Location Independence Differently Than You

Going LIP doesn't just mean the casting-off of the cubicle life. It means declaring your independence from the way everybody else goes about becoming a digital nomad -- and how they maintain the lifestyle.

— July 2, 2013

Immune Hacks for Travel: What Works

Hear this: the hippie stuff works. Surprised? Don't be.

— July 2, 2013

The Six Things a Digital Nomad Must Do After Wheels-Down at a New Home Base

Your first day or so in a new, foreign city -- especially if this is your first location independent adventure -- will likely be overwhelming. It'll seem like you face an immense list of tasks to check off in order to settle in to your new home.

— May 31, 2013

Travel Insurance for the Digital Nomad (Or: Ya Feeling Lucky, Punk?)

To insure or not to insure? If you’re smart about it, however, you can generally reduce (or, even, eliminate) the hit while retaining your sanity and peace-of-mind.

— May 31, 2013

How to be a Biologically Female Traveler: The Quick-and-Dirty Guide

OK, fellas—click away. This one’s for women only.

— May 31, 2013

The Delicious Person's Guide to Bug Bites

For many expats and LIPs, bug bites are a hard fact of life. There’s no avoiding it—so ya gotta be ready.

— May 30, 2013

Totally Mobile Fitness for Totally Mobile People

Full-time travel requires full-time focus on the vehicle that moves you through this beautiful world: your human body.

— May 30, 2013

Why Don't We Do It On The Road?: Smarter Sex For Travelers

Love and travel are definitely not mutually exclusive, but you've gotta do it right.

— May 30, 2013

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