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Posted by   Annette on    May 30, 2013

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Love Across the Risk Continuum

If you love an airsports athlete, risk asymmetry is a big emmereffing issue. Here's how to deal.
Here are two irrefutable facts: Anyone who is doing more than me is a sketchball. Anyone who is doing less than me is a pussy. Funny? Kinda...but if you've spent an…

Shut the F#&$ Up or Choose Love

This conversation has gotten out of hand, my beautiful BASE family.
It has been a dark few months, punctuated by inky and absolute blackness, in the close-knit community of BASE jumping. A common response to the horror of such tragedies in our …

How I Failed (and How I Fixed It)

Lifestyle design is all about agility -- sometimes, right into a brick wall. The beauty is in the fixing.
I learned some very important lessons in the past couple of months.  I learned 'em by that legendarily efficient method of learning: failing. Here's how. In December and …

The BASE Jumper's Guide to a Brento Vacation

Planning your first BASE jumping trip to Monte Brento? Here's what you need to know.
What's the best way to bookend a summer? Weekend BASE jumping trips to Monte Brento. I did it this year: kicking off the season there in April, then returning for a beginning-of-…