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Posted by   Annette on    May 30, 2013

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Smarter Sleep Hacking for Travel Junkies

Go gentle into that good night.
Full-time travel can keep you up at night. Sleep cycles have a tendency to get a little crazy outside the carefully managed variables (and easy familiarity) of a "home" environme…

Immune Hacks for Travel: What Works

Hear this: the hippie stuff works. Surprised? Don't be.
Vitamin C? Sorry. Doesn't work. Echinacea? Yeah…nope. If your go-to weapons are useless, what do you do in the face of a planeful of impending sicknesses? Baby your body th…

How to be a Biologically Female Traveler: The Quick-and-Dirty Guide

OK, fellas—click away. This one’s for women only.
OK, fellas—click away. This one’s for women only. Shoo. There are aspects of travel that men will only experience by proxy. He’ll never be compelled to search for a tampon in the…