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Posted by   Annette on    May 30, 2013

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How Zombie Dragons Will Make You Better

Habitica is going to give you a +6 against lazy.
Y’know what self-improvement has been missing all these years? Zombie dragons. And oceanic armor. And mana points. And health bars. Basically, what self-improvement has been lack…

Love Across the Risk Continuum

If you love an airsports athlete, risk asymmetry is a big emmereffing issue. Here's how to deal.
Here are two irrefutable facts: Anyone who is doing more than me is a sketchball. Anyone who is doing less than me is a pussy. Funny? Kinda...but if you've spent an…

How to Rock Duolingo (Even If You're Convinced It Doesn't Work)

Ah, Duolingo: Our fearless, tracksuited, owly leader into the breach of language learning. When it came out, it changed pretty much everything that was currently the establis…

4 Productivity Tools That Will Save You From You

Get ready to outsource your brain -- and bite your nails quite a bit less.
Stop trusting your brain. It loses things. All the time. You don't need a huge pile of productivity apps or a clunky-ass day planner. You need a core set of tools that you can …