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Posted by   Annette on    May 30, 2013

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The Rainbow We're Standing Under

On love and bravery.
Imagine this.  You stand bare in front of a thousand throwing-knife gazes and you say: I am in love. And I *am* love. And I want to nestle my heart next to this other heart until…

The Real Reason You Need A Travel Buddy

Great travel buddies don't just share the cost of gas and a hotel room. They have a much more vital job.
A good travel buddy is a convenience, but that's not the only reason they're worth their weight in gold. Far from it, actually.  It's huge to be able to split the cost of accommo…

4 Ways to Improve Your Life Today (Without Spending a Dime)

Mara Schmid wants to share four strategies to will turn your life in a better direction -- with no monthly automatic draft.
My friend Mara Schmid -- athlete, writer and Editor-in-Chief of Hussy Magazine -- is very good at living. When asked what her best strategies are for overcoming the sticky bugaboo…

Love Across the Risk Continuum

If you love an airsports athlete, risk asymmetry is a big emmereffing issue. Here's how to deal.
Here are two irrefutable facts: Anyone who is doing more than me is a sketchball. Anyone who is doing less than me is a pussy. Funny? Kinda...but if you've spent an…

Why Don't We Do It On The Road?: Smarter Sex For Travelers

Love and travel are definitely not mutually exclusive, but you've gotta do it right.
Teaming up to chase dreams around the world is so. Very. Sexy. Here's how to keep it that way. I’ll let other writers elucidate the finer points of the searing-hot mating ritua…