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Posted by   Annette on    May 30, 2013

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The 17 Items You Need in Your Outdoor-Adventure First-Aid Kit

I spend a lot of time doing things that have the potential to leave a serious mark. If you do, too, you have no business wandering around without a purpose-built first-aid kit. You…

5 Things NOT To Pack (But You Shouldn't Live Without)

There are a few things that you'd be nuts to make room for in your luggage -- but you shouldn't live remote without them. Here's the skinny.
These are items you almost certainly won't be packing for your trip...not even in your checked bag. However, the quality-of-life boost they deliver is way worth the effort. Usuall…

The Weirdest Things I've Done For Travel Health

I haul a juicer on intercontinental flights -- and that's not all.
It was innocent, really. I was looking for an unbruised banana in a grocery store in Istanbul when I happened upon a juicer -- of reasonable quality -- for about 20USD. I pounce…

Health on the Road: The Hacker’s Guide to Bug Bites

For many expats and LIPs, bug bites are a hard fact of life. There’s no avoiding it — so ya gotta be ready.
Mosquitoes. I hate them. Irony: I've spent years in the practice of extreme sports, and the only thing that has actually landed me in hospital is a little @#$%&$F*ck$# small en…

How to Build a Bulletproof Travel Toiletry Kit

Just eight little steps will keep you tidy, sweet-smelling and sane in the security queue, all over the world.
Packing for long-term travel poses a number of interesting challenges—from dialing in a capsule wardrobe that fits into your carry-on to finding the right luggage*. One of the clas…