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Posted by   Annette on    May 30, 2013

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The 17 Items You Need in Your Outdoor-Adventure First-Aid Kit

I spend a lot of time doing things that have the potential to leave a serious mark. If you do, too, you have no business wandering around without a purpose-built first-aid kit. You…

5 Things NOT To Pack (But You Shouldn't Live Without)

There are a few things that you'd be nuts to make room for in your luggage -- but you shouldn't live remote without them. Here's the skinny.
These are items you almost certainly won't be packing for your trip...not even in your checked bag. However, the quality-of-life boost they deliver is way worth the effort. Usuall…

The Weirdest Things I've Done For Travel Health

I haul a juicer on intercontinental flights -- and that's not all.
It was innocent, really. I was looking for an unbruised banana in a grocery store in Istanbul when I happened upon a juicer -- of reasonable quality -- for about 20USD. I pounce…

The Delicious Person's Guide to Bug Bites

For many expats and LIPs, bug bites are a hard fact of life. There’s no avoiding it—so ya gotta be ready.
Are you delicious? If you are, you know it. When you seem to get bitten more than anyone else around you, it's tempting to say what I always used to say: "Man, the mosquitoes j…

How to Build a Bulletproof Travel Toiletry Kit

Just eight little steps will keep you tidy, sweet-smelling and sane in the security queue, all over the world.
Packing for long-term travel poses a number of interesting challenges—from dialing in a capsule wardrobe that fits into your carry-on to finding the right luggage*. One of the clas…