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Posted by   Annette on    May 30, 2013

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Health on the Road: The Hacker’s Guide to Bug Bites

For many expats and LIPs, bug bites are a hard fact of life. There’s no avoiding it — so ya gotta be ready.
Mosquitoes. I hate them. Irony: I've spent years in the practice of extreme sports, and the only thing that has actually landed me in hospital is a little @#$%&$F*ck$# small en…

Health on the Road: The Hacker’s Guide to Sex

Love and travel are not mutually exclusive, but you've gotta do it right.
Chasing dreams around the world with the person you love is so. Very. Sexy. Keep it that way. I’ll let other writers elucidate the finer points of the searing-hot mating rituals …

How to Build a Bulletproof Travel Toiletry Kit

Just eight little steps will keep you tidy, sweet-smelling and sane in the security queue, all over the world.
Packing for long-term travel poses a number of interesting challenges—from dialing in a capsule wardrobe that fits into your carry-on to finding the right luggage*. One of the clas…