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Posted by   Annette on    May 30, 2013

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Goodbye (And Why)

I'm not going to be writing here anymore.
I started writing Sustainable Lunacy in 2009.  The Four-Hour Workweek had been published on by birthday (of course) two years previous; I’d read it in a single sitting, plopped d…

How to Keep it Together (With Style, No Less)

As time conveyor-belts us forward and space confuses the issue, most of us need to set concrete reminders to keep steady. This will help you see some of the loose ends before you trip over 'em.
When you move around all the time, the "little" stuff can get away from you. The problem, of course, is that there's no such thing as "little stuff." Not really. As time conve…

Renting a Car in Europe? There's a Better Way.

As it turns out, flying into France and working with a leasing agency is the highest-value method of getting it done.
There's no way around it, y'all. Trains are charming and urban public transportation is more useful than the American standard, but to enjoy it to the fullest, long-term travel in …

Leaving Post-Its On the Walls In Your Head

The Power of Implementation Intentions--And How to Use Them
The Power of Implementation Intentions--And How to Use Them It’s the middle of March. Is it time to run upstairs with a vuvuzela and wake up your sleeping New Years Resolutions? P…

The Surprise Un-Hotel (And A Word on the Benefit of Expectations)

“AirBNB vs. Hotel” is a fool’s game, and all travelers are losing.
  “AirBNB vs. Hotel” Is A Fool’s Game, And All Travelers Are Losing It seems that the hospitality industry is having something of a conflicted moment. I’ve been traveling ful…

How to Hack Your Vegetables

Salad is a science project.
It's explosively green here along South Africa's verdant Garden Route. My green thumb--and green tooth--are getting inspired, to say the least. It's not easy to indulge that hanke…

5 Places to Get Inspired *Right Now*

Need a bump of inspiration? Here are five great places to look.
If your soul's energy is flagging, it probably needs to be fed. Here are five go-to resources to visit when you're aching to be lit up. Brainpickings I get excited every week…

How Zombie Dragons Will Make You Better

Habitica is going to give you a +6 against lazy.
Y’know what self-improvement has been missing all these years? Zombie dragons. And oceanic armor. And mana points. And health bars. Basically, what self-improvement has been lack…

The Real Reason You Need A Travel Buddy

Great travel buddies don't just share the cost of gas and a hotel room. They have a much more vital job.
A good travel buddy is a convenience, but that's not the only reason they're worth their weight in gold. Far from it, actually.  It's huge to be able to split the cost of accommo…

How I Failed (and How I Fixed It)

Lifestyle design is all about agility -- sometimes, right into a brick wall. The beauty is in the fixing.
I learned some very important lessons in the past couple of months.  I learned 'em by that legendarily efficient method of learning: failing. Here's how. In December and …

How to Find Now

"There is an art to the business of making sandwiches which it is given to few ever to find the time to explore in depth. It is a simple task, but the opportunities for satisfaction are many and profound." — Douglas Adams
If you're like me, the first sign that something is amiss with you is the physical trail of incomplete tasks. It's the open shipping boxes abandoned next to the door; the laundry …

Ready to Explore? Here's The Best Advice You'll Ever Get.

You don't have to go anywhere to be a world explorer. You are already in the world. Explore.
You have responsibilities. Debts. Obligations. Contracts. Mortgages, children, career goals, aging parents, beloved pets, a burstingly well-tended garden. You have a root network.…

Escape From Facebook Mountain

The time you spend in the social-media tractor beam is time that you could be investing in yourself. Take it back.
How much time per day do you spend scrolling through newsfeeds? How much total time do you think you've spent locked in infinite-scroll mode? If you could magically collect a "re…

How I Write: My 6 Best Tools For Habitualizing Writing

Writing isn't just a talent, nor a gift: it's a habit. Here's how I weave the act of writing into every day -- and how you can, too.
The truest words ever said about writing were from the famously irascible Bukowski in his excellent poem on the subject: "if it doesn't come bursting out of you in spite of ever…

5 Things NOT To Pack (But You Shouldn't Live Without)

There are a few things that you'd be nuts to make room for in your luggage -- but you shouldn't live remote without them. Here's the skinny.
These are items you almost certainly won't be packing for your trip...not even in your checked bag. However, the quality-of-life boost they deliver is way worth the effort. Usuall…

3 Changes You Can Make Today to Start Your Escape To Location Independence

Ready to run? Good. Here are the first steps on your escape route.
This is just a three-item checklist, but it packs a punch. Taking these actions today will put you much closer to your nomadic goal. These three actions will go far towards remov…

The BASE Jumper's Guide to a Brento Vacation

Planning your first BASE jumping trip to Monte Brento? Here's what you need to know.
What's the best way to bookend a summer? Weekend BASE jumping trips to Monte Brento. I did it this year: kicking off the season there in April, then returning for a beginning-of-…

The New Digital Nomad's Guide to Picking a First Destination

Put away the darts and the wall map. There's a better way.
Picking a destination to start out on your digitally nomadic lifestyle ain't as easy as it looks, but it's of vital importance. Statistically speaking, if this first one doesn't "…

4 Productivity Tools That Will Save You From You

Get ready to outsource your brain -- and bite your nails quite a bit less.
Stop trusting your brain. It loses things. All the time. You don't need a huge pile of productivity apps or a clunky-ass day planner. You need a core set of tools that you can …

Stuff You Can't Do As An LIP (And A Few Things You Can)

Are you ready for the bad news? (Spoiler: there isn't much.)
You probably have a pretty good idea of the stuff you'd have to give up as a digital nomad.  The thing is: you're wrong. Be ready to raise an eyebrow or two. Stuff you can't …

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