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Posted by   Annette on    May 30, 2013

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How to Hack Your Vegetables

Salad is a science project.
It's explosively green here along South Africa's verdant Garden Route. My green thumb--and green tooth--are getting inspired, to say the least. It's not easy to indulge that hanke…

7 Places to Look for a Place to Live (And 3 Places Not To)

Picked a city to kick off your digital nomad career? You'll need digs. Here are 7 great places to look.
This much is true for location-dependent and digital-nomad types alike: there's an art to finding a place to hang your hat. Luckily for us, the era of collaborative consumpti…

5 Ways to Make a Home on the Road (And Do It Quick-like)

Home is something you create -- even (especially!) on the road. Here's how.
Home doesn't happen. It's something you create. If you're a location-independent type, you have a definition of home that changes every couple of months -- and that can wear yo…

Shut the F#&$ Up or Choose Love

This conversation has gotten out of hand, my beautiful BASE family.
It has been a dark few months, punctuated by inky and absolute blackness, in the close-knit community of BASE jumping. A common response to the horror of such tragedies in our …

Ready to Explore? Here's The Best Advice You'll Ever Get.

You don't have to go anywhere to be a world explorer. You are already in the world. Explore.
You have responsibilities. Debts. Obligations. Contracts. Mortgages, children, career goals, aging parents, beloved pets, a burstingly well-tended garden. You have a root network.…

How I Write: My 6 Best Tools For Habitualizing Writing

Writing isn't just a talent, nor a gift: it's a habit. Here's how I weave the act of writing into every day -- and how you can, too.
The truest words ever said about writing were from the famously irascible Bukowski in his excellent poem on the subject: "if it doesn't come bursting out of you in spite of ever…

3 Changes You Can Make Today to Start Your Escape To Location Independence

Ready to run? Good. Here are the first steps on your escape route.
This is just a three-item checklist, but it packs a punch. Taking these actions today will put you much closer to your nomadic goal. These three actions will go far towards remov…

The BASE Jumper's Guide to a Brento Vacation

Planning your first BASE jumping trip to Monte Brento? Here's what you need to know.
What's the best way to bookend a summer? Weekend BASE jumping trips to Monte Brento. I did it this year: kicking off the season there in April, then returning for a beginning-of-…

Get Your Meanest Inner Monologue to STFU In Just 4 Questions

This is where you do head-on battle with your cruelest inner voice.
"I'm ugly." "I'm fat." "I'm not smart enough." "I'm talentless." "I can't do this." "I'm boring." The negative-self-talk side of your inner monologue can be a little bitch sometim…

Stuff You Can't Do As An LIP (And A Few Things You Can)

Are you ready for the bad news? (Spoiler: there isn't much.)
You probably have a pretty good idea of the stuff you'd have to give up as a digital nomad.  The thing is: you're wrong. Be ready to raise an eyebrow or two. Stuff you can't …

Here's How to Deal if Your Freelance Focus is F$%^&@!

If your focus is falling apart and your LIP business is suffering, you may need get scientific about the problem. Here's how.
As a digital nomad, your time is entirely yours to use, exactly as you need and want to.  Sounds good, huh? Maybe you've discovered that you have no idea how to navigate the ma…

How to Save A Ton of Money on Food in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland -- And Be Healthy, Too

Don't let Lauterbrunnen's price tag spook you. There are plenty of hacks.
When I tell people that I live more cheaply in my current digs -- the pristine, legendarily pricey tourist Mecca of Switzerland's Lauterbrunnen Valley -- than I do in my Salt Lake…

The 7-Item Reading List For Would-Be Nomads

Ready to escape? Here's a seven-item reading list that will kick you in the right direction. Hard.
I'm asked the question every day. I'm not exaggerating. Every. Day. "How do you do it? How can I do it, too?" I get it. Trust me. And I'll tell you the same thing I wa…

How to Handcraft Your Perfect Day

It's possible to get a lot done--and keep everything on track--if you start off mindfully.
When you're your own boss, it's easy to get distracted. Big projects lose their way, dragged off track by details; the body suffers as its needs are constantly put off "until…

Immune Hacks for Travel: What Works

Hear this: the hippie stuff works. Surprised? Don't be.
Vitamin C? Sorry. Doesn't work. Echinacea? Yeah…nope. If your go-to weapons are useless, what do you do in the face of a planeful of impending sicknesses? Baby your body th…

The Six Things a Digital Nomad Must Do After Wheels-Down at a New Home Base

Your first day or so in a new, foreign city -- especially if this is your first location independent adventure -- will likely be overwhelming. It'll seem like you face an immense list of tasks to check off in order to settle in to your new home.
Your first day or so in a new, foreign city -- especially if this is your first location independent adventure -- will likely be overwhelming. It'll seem like you face an immense l…