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Posted by   Annette on    May 30, 2013

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7 Places to Look for a Place to Live (And 3 Places Not To)

Picked a city to kick off your digital nomad career? You'll need digs. Here are 7 great places to look.
This much is true for location-dependent and digital-nomad types alike: there's an art to finding a place to hang your hat. Luckily for us, the era of collaborative consumpti…

How Zombie Dragons Will Make You Better

Habitica is going to give you a +6 against lazy.
Y’know what self-improvement has been missing all these years? Zombie dragons. And oceanic armor. And mana points. And health bars. Basically, what self-improvement has been lack…

Lucky You

Quit hiding behind that snark. We can see you, clear as day.
I see you there. You're hiding under those snarky Facebook posts. ...And not hiding well. You don't say much. What you do say, however, is loaded with meaning -- and it's the s…

5 Ways to Make a Home on the Road (And Do It Quick-like)

Home is something you create -- even (especially!) on the road. Here's how.
Home doesn't happen. It's something you create. If you're a location-independent type, you have a definition of home that changes every couple of months -- and that can wear yo…

How I Failed (and How I Fixed It)

Lifestyle design is all about agility -- sometimes, right into a brick wall. The beauty is in the fixing.
I learned some very important lessons in the past couple of months.  I learned 'em by that legendarily efficient method of learning: failing. Here's how. In December and …

Ready to Explore? Here's The Best Advice You'll Ever Get.

You don't have to go anywhere to be a world explorer. You are already in the world. Explore.
You have responsibilities. Debts. Obligations. Contracts. Mortgages, children, career goals, aging parents, beloved pets, a burstingly well-tended garden. You have a root network.…

3 Tools for Better New Years Resolutions

Next year is comin' up like a freight train, without brakes, screaming downhill through a tunnel you're standing in. Be ready. Rethink your resolutions.
I am a great lover of lists. I love checklists, spreadsheets, calendars, online clip-and-file systems, agendas and callsheets. That, of course, makes December just about my fav…

Escape From Facebook Mountain

The time you spend in the social-media tractor beam is time that you could be investing in yourself. Take it back.
How much time per day do you spend scrolling through newsfeeds? How much total time do you think you've spent locked in infinite-scroll mode? If you could magically collect a "re…

How I Write: My 6 Best Tools For Habitualizing Writing

Writing isn't just a talent, nor a gift: it's a habit. Here's how I weave the act of writing into every day -- and how you can, too.
The truest words ever said about writing were from the famously irascible Bukowski in his excellent poem on the subject: "if it doesn't come bursting out of you in spite of ever…

The New Digital Nomad's Guide to Picking a First Destination

Put away the darts and the wall map. There's a better way.
Picking a destination to start out on your digitally nomadic lifestyle ain't as easy as it looks, but it's of vital importance. Statistically speaking, if this first one doesn't "…

4 Productivity Tools That Will Save You From You

Get ready to outsource your brain -- and bite your nails quite a bit less.
Stop trusting your brain. It loses things. All the time. You don't need a huge pile of productivity apps or a clunky-ass day planner. You need a core set of tools that you can …

Here's How to Deal if Your Freelance Focus is F$%^&@!

If your focus is falling apart and your LIP business is suffering, you may need get scientific about the problem. Here's how.
As a digital nomad, your time is entirely yours to use, exactly as you need and want to.  Sounds good, huh? Maybe you've discovered that you have no idea how to navigate the ma…

The 7-Item Reading List For Would-Be Nomads

Ready to escape? Here's a seven-item reading list that will kick you in the right direction. Hard.
I'm asked the question every day. I'm not exaggerating. Every. Day. "How do you do it? How can I do it, too?" I get it. Trust me. And I'll tell you the same thing I wa…

How to Work Remote Without Being An Asshole

When you're working in a public environment, it doesn't matter how nice you are. You can ruin easily someone else's workday by arriving unprepared (and/or unthoughtful), and that would make you -- you guessed it -- a de facto asshole.
I know you're not an asshole. You're a sweetie, in fact. Of course.  But when you're working remotely in public environment, it doesn't matter how nice you are. You can ruin ea…

How to Handcraft Your Perfect Day

It's possible to get a lot done--and keep everything on track--if you start off mindfully.
When you're your own boss, it's easy to get distracted. Big projects lose their way, dragged off track by details; the body suffers as its needs are constantly put off "until…

I Do Location Independence Differently Than You

Going LIP doesn't just mean the casting-off of the cubicle life. It means declaring your independence from the way everybody else goes about becoming a digital nomad -- and how they maintain the lifestyle.
Going location independent is just the first in a long, long list of choices. It doesn't just mean the casting-off of the cubicle life. It means declaring your independence from …