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Posted by   Annette on    May 30, 2013

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Adioso, Suckas: Free-Wheeling Flight Search for Flexible Flyers

I just found something extra-specially cool, however, for location independent folks with flexible schedules and insatiable wanderlust: Adioso.
Don't get me wrong: I love my travel search engines. I love Kayak (especially Explore). And AirfareWatchdog. And Hipmunk. And even Orbitz, very occasionally. I just found somethi…

5 Things to do With Your Last 30 Francs Around Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

The Berner Oberland might be a cash vacuum, but if you have 30 francs left to your name, you can still have fun -- lots of it, in fact.
Switzerland is catching up with you, huh?  If you've been in Lauterbrunnen for a while and fancy a no-nylon day to recalibrate, the options might look a little--um--spendy. (The r…

The Smart Kid's Guide to Picking a Nomad Destination

Put away the darts and the wall map. There's a better way.
Picking a destination to start out on your digitally nomadic lifestyle ain't as easy as it looks, but it's of vital importance: statistically, if this one doesn't "take," you'll li…

Stuff You Can't Do As An LIP (And A Few Things You Can)

Are you ready for the bad news? (Spoiler: there isn't much.)
You probably have a pretty good idea of the stuff you'd have to give up as a digital nomad.  The thing is: you're wrong. Be ready to raise an eyebrow or two. Stuff you can't …

How to Save A Ton of Money on Food in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland -- And Be Healthy, Too

Don't let Lauterbrunnen's price tag spook you. There are plenty of hacks.
When I tell people that I live more cheaply in my current digs -- the pristine, legendarily pricey tourist Mecca of Switzerland's Lauterbrunnen Valley -- than I do in my Salt Lake…