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Posted by   Annette on    May 30, 2013

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Goodbye (And Why)

I'm not going to be writing here anymore.
I started writing Sustainable Lunacy in 2009.  The Four-Hour Workweek had been published on by birthday (of course) two years previous; I’d read it in a single sitting, plopped d…

How I Write: My 6 Best Tools For Habitualizing Writing

Writing isn't just a talent, nor a gift: it's a habit. Here's how I weave the act of writing into every day -- and how you can, too.
The truest words ever said about writing were from the famously irascible Bukowski in his excellent poem on the subject: "if it doesn't come bursting out of you in spite of ever…

No Platinum Status? No Worries.

Your "airport time" doesn't have to suck, even if you don't wait for the airline gods to grant you elite status. Buy your way in. It's cheaper than you think.
It’s a reliably awesome way to turn a travel day into a usable workday: tuck in to an airport lounge. Just show up a few hours early for your flight*, amble through security at yo…

3 Changes You Can Make Today to Start Your Escape To Location Independence

Ready to run? Good. Here are the first steps on your escape route.
This is just a three-item checklist, but it packs a punch. Taking these actions today will put you much closer to your nomadic goal. These three actions will go far towards remov…

4 Productivity Tools That Will Save You From You

Get ready to outsource your brain -- and bite your nails quite a bit less.
Stop trusting your brain. It loses things. All the time. You don't need a huge pile of productivity apps or a clunky-ass day planner. You need a core set of tools that you can …