F@(% the Food Industrial Complex

Posted by   Annette on    April 3, 2018

So there's this woman from a market town in the northern UK. She noticed a downhill trend in her town and in the world. So she plunked down at the kitchen table with some like-minded agitators and did some seriously interesting shit

Not only did she change little Todmorden for the better, she provided a template for other communities to spring forward in the same way. Her motley crew isn't just feeding the randos who pick the tomatoes on High Street. They're feeding the local economy; they're feeding nodes of connection between residents; they're feeding the ideas of a generation of kids who see a future in this stuff.

This is important because the big food economy sucks beyond measure. It destroys our human ability to care for ourselves, dismantles our relationship with the fuel that runs our bodies and fractures the local community groups that keep our lives sane and grounded.

As I write this, I'm living in an idyllic, mostly agrarian region. Here, private backyard food gardens and garden lots are the norm but it's impossible to get produce in the grocery store that isn't packaged in plastic and shipped cross-continentally. In Britain--where the indomitable Pam Warhurst is fighting her battle for kindness, inclusionism and full tummies, dairy farmers can't make a living because they're being far underbid by factory-farm milk shipping in from the east. And it upsets me to even get started about how it's goin' down in the USA. As the NRDC so aptly notes, 

"America's industrialized food system threatens the health of our families, our communities, and the planet."

And that's not hyperventilating chicken-littlin', either. You can't be any kind of woke if the very stuff on which you live is the stuff that also feeds the system that's killing us.

I get back to the States in a couple of weeks. I'll be there for six months. And I pledge to you here and now that I'm not going to step foot in a bog-standard grocery store for that entire term. I'm going local, and--if you're reading this--I'm taking you with me. Watch this space.