How to Hack Your Vegetables

Posted by   Annette on    November 30, 2017

It's explosively green here along South Africa's verdant Garden Route. My green thumb--and green tooth--are getting inspired, to say the least. It's not easy to indulge that hankering when you're a full-time LIP, but I've discovered a few fun tricks along the way.

Best part: there are no fancy-schmantzy kitchen gadgets required for any of these, so my kitchen-tool-deprived location independent brethren may rejoice.


#1. Here's a list of 16 vegetables that you can regrow from kitchen scraps -- as well as instructions for how to do it -- if you're one of those people (like yours truly) who keeps avocado seeds and month-old ginger just to watch the sprouts.


#2. Here's how to make a beautiful salad in a mason jar that stays all fresh-and-colorful-and-crisp for a week -- as well as other jar-packed meals, like chili cornbread and bar-b-que lunches.

#3. Here's how to peel a whole head of garlic in less than ten seconds -- and hardly even have to touch it.

#4. Start saving your eggshells to start seeds. My favorite thing to do is to keep a few herbs growing around the house, then guerilla-plant the extras around the neighborhood. (Long before they become useful, the little sprouts look beautiful poking up out of the eggs.)

Egg Carton Planters.jpg#5. Y’know that lonely ice tray that’s being forgotten in the back of the freezer? You can use it to store those herbs in useful little olive-oil bombs (and make a custom chocolate bar, if you're keen).

#6. And, finally, a bunch of 10-second ways to prep your produce for storage so you can finally hit food-waste-zero.

If you like this kinda thing, pick up Raleigh Briggs' 'Make Your Place' for your e-reader. It's lovely to look at--hand-written and hand-drawn!--and the tutorials cover every imaginable aspect of urban homesteadin'.



ginger photo credit: Isengardt Rotten Beauty via photopin (license)