On Heroism

Posted by   Annette on    September 15, 2013


Let's talk about fear.

Fear about your ability to succeed in your chosen work. Fear in pushing the envelope in a physical sense. Fear in relationships. And that insidious version, too: being freaked-out about lots of things on a low level, all at once.

A vastly disproportionate number of folks make their way through life by ignoring fear and, in that way, they are led by it. Fear must be not just faced, but conversed with; fear must be held muscularly up to the light and inspected. Fear must be balanced on and walked along, even as the void of the unknown yawns below, as it is the rope thrown to us to call us to our best and truest selves. It is what we fear most that we must move toward.

I'd like to share a passage with you from Myths of the Asanas (written by Alanna Kaivalya).

"Vira," the root word of virasana, is sanskrit for "hero."

One way to embody that word is to be full of faith. It is said that the difference between the hero and the coward is that the hero acts. When fear stops most, the hero, filled with faith, pursues the seemingly impossible, knowing that it is the only way to soar to new heights. 

Fear can keep us small, or it can challenge us to rise above the meekness.

See what fear is trying to do -- both the good and the bad -- and rise to the challenge presented by both.

Rise above your meekness.

See that there is no limit to your rising.

Rise, again and again and again.