How to Work Remote Without Being An Asshole

Posted by   Annette on    July 10, 2013

I know you're not an asshole.

You're a sweetie, in fact. Of course. small__8203770880.jpg

But when you're working remotely in public environment, it doesn't matter how nice you are. You can ruin easily someone else's workday by arriving unprepared (and/or unthoughtful), and that would make you -- you guessed it -- a de facto asshole. If you're not in the mood to face a room full of well-earned scowling stares, keep these pointers in mind.

  1. Only use your speakerphone in a private environment. Having an open Skype conversation in a public environment makes everyone want to kill you. It's the professional equivalent of sitting on the bus with a ghettoblaster. So, for the love of god: bring your in-line mic headphones and keep the volume of your voice in moderate territory.
  2. Don't make a habit of freeloading. Buy small menu items if you're using the wifi somewhere -- and tip the waitstaff. If enough people abuse a great working environment, they'll stop offering wifi and power to everyone. I've seen it happen. It sucks.
  3. Don't hog the plugs. Bring a multi plug strip (or, even better, squid-style) extension cord. Bonus: being the hero who can move power to the comfy seats and share it is an oddly excellent way to meet people.