Today's Quick Tip: Stop Waiting on Hold

Posted by   Annette on    June 11, 2014

I was about to spend 20 minutes yesterday listening to hold music with British Airways. I decided to forgo it. OK: in point of fact, I decided to say #$*& that noise and hang up--but with a twist.

There's this app. It's called FastCustomer.

It has about 3,000 companies in its database. You tell it which company to call (and what number to use to call you back). Then it does. Like magic, the helpless little excuse for a customer-service rep that you were about to spend maybe-hours of your time for the privilege of hating is there, waiting for you for a change.

Result: you can be fresh as a daisy when you spell. Your. Name. Twelve. Times. At. Snailspeed.

And it's free. Yay!

There are FastCustomer apps for iPhone, Android, Kindle and Chrome, but I just use the web interface and have it call me back on Google Voice, where I'm generally pattering away at emails while it does its thing. Easy peasy.

Fistbumps. You're welcome.