Tried the New JustLanded Yet?

Posted by   Annette on    February 12, 2014

Looking for a place to live overseas that's expat-friendly -- or a car, or furniture, or a language exchange?

JustLanded, while it doesn't work well for every LIP destination, does have listings in lots of major cities. The site once hooked me up with a (truly badass) flat -- with a bedroom, office, fully-kitted-out kitchen and incredible view -- in Cusco's most historic neighborhood for $450US per month.

The interface used to be extremely difficult to navigate. With the new redesign, it's now it's just kinda difficult to navigate. It's worth a look, as there are screaming deals floating around in there. (I just wish it worked in Lauterbrunnen.)

My Cusco neighborhood was always prowled by friendly dogs. I loved it.