Writers: Here's How to Share Itty-Bitty Thoughts, Brilliantly

Posted by   Annette on    February 17, 2014

If you already use Ommwriter to compose, I don't need to sell you on its many benefits: a clean, beautiful, interruption-slaying interface that helps keep the mind engaged with the process of writing. I was one of Ommwriter's first users, and I'm still over-the-moon for it: to this day, I haven't found any other application that so effectively turns my laptop from "listless browsing tool" into "writing tool."

When I got a note from Ommwriter announcing their new smartphone app, Notegraphy, I didn't know what to expect: after all, it already has its own Omm-ified Notepad iPad app to read and write .omm files. When I popped in to have a look, I was momentarily off-put: Notegraphy is social, and it's not about long-form. It's a format to share single-word to one-paragraph snippets in a design-minded frame.

While my first impulse was to sniff and move on, the design hooked me -- and I remembered the unique impact of Danielle LaPorte's TruthBombs, which can be profoundly intellectually toothsome. The Notegraphy user base is still small, but the multi-platform sharing pushes noteographs well out into the world (with the option of additional image manipulation in Instagram).

The bottom line for scribblers: Notegraphy fills an eccentric little niche that most modern writers, lifestyle designers and bloggers can use to excellent advantage. Y'know, those free-floating ideas that bubble ephemerally to the surface -- the ones you'd like to test for traction? Or, simply: those beautiful little pearls of thought destined to live entirely alone? Notegraphy is their pretty little platform: an Instagram for thinksy folks.

Click here and give it a spin.


One of my first Notegraphs.